Office: 518-483-0696 - - Cell: 518-495-3250

Audio Equipment

S408-3000W 2-way Loudspeakers-(2)

S410s-3000W Subwoofers-(2)

S218s-2000W Subwoofers-(2)

DN-D6000 Dual CD Player-(1)

DN-S3500 Direct Drive Table Top Digital Turntable-(2)

19" Professional 4-Channel Mixer-(1)

CDM-3250 Dual CD/MP3 Mixer Combo Player-(1)

PLX1804: 1200W Compact Power Amplifier-(1)

GX5: 1000W Compact Power Amplifier-(1)

NU6000-3000W Power Amp-(2)

NOX202 2 Channel DJ Mixer with USB-(1)

YX150 Single 15" 400W Full Range Loudspeakers-(2)

PV215 Dual 15" 1400W Loudspeakers-(2)

SP4 Dual 15" 3200W Bi-Ampable Loudspeakers-(2)(Similar)


Vue III-(1)
Double Derby-(1)
LED Splash 152B-(2)
SlimPAR 38-(8)
LEDSplash 86b-(7)
MiniMoon LED 360-(2)
LED Pinspot-(2)
Hurricane Haze Machine-(1)

Hyper Gem-(1)
Pinspot LED-(3)
Revo Sweep LED-(2)
Galaxian Sky Laser-(1)
Snap Shot II-(2)
16" Mirror Ball-(2)
DJ Scan 250 HP-(1)
RollerTron 250-(1)
Revo IV-(1)
Aggressor Tri-LED-(1)
X-Move LED-(2)

Transportation & Storage.

2006 Nissan X-Terra & 6x10 Carry-On enclosed Trailer.

Had to retire the Xterra after and accident, R.I.P. August 18, 2012. It was going to cost almost as much to fix as it was worth, so insurance totalled it.

Got a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer to replace it for now.

I still got to the wedding I was headed to on time. Congrats again Erik & Wendie.


Wedding Party Introductions/First Dance

Father/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Dance

Best Man & Maid of Honor Toasts

Cake Cutting

Dollar Dance

Garter-Bouquet Toss


More Dancing